How To Verify A Person On Adult Dating Sites?

There are 3 simple ways to verify a person if he or she is legit and real. And you don’t need to take your wallet out just to verify someone or yourself.

  1. Call Her/Him – Ask for a phone number where you can call her/him. If he/she can’t provide you a local phone number and won’t accept calls and won’t call you back then she/he is totally not real. Don’t believe on texts or emails because they can easily create fake accounts and won’t leave a trace. And even if they told you it’s private and don’t want to disclose their privacy, then you should start to doubt about it. Always follow your instinct. Mostly these kinds of conversation ends up to a scam.
  2. Ask For A Photo – Selfies are the best way to verify a person. You can ask her/him to take a selfie with a piece of paper which their names are written on it. They cannot fake it cause it is in real time. If they cannot provide that then you should stop talking to this person.
  3. Video Chats – There a lot of video chat applications that are for free. You can simply ask the person to have a video chat. This way you can talk to him/her in real time with voice and video. Be careful of pre-recorded videos. Mostly its about 3-5mins and it starts all over again after being played for a certain period of time. If this won’t work then it proves that the person you are talking to is not for real. They are hiding behind the camera.

If you have something more to add on these 3 ways, you can write it below. Post your comments and tips. This will help members of this site avoid being conned and scammed. And lets have a fun and safe adventure on these adult dating sites.


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