How Do I Buy A Membership Without Getting Extra Charges On Adult Dating Sites?

Some paid members are wondering why they have been charged more than what it cost on their plans.

They were surprised that they were billed an extra charge and they didn’t even know how it happened and why? Well, this post will explain it to you why and how it happened?

First, you must be mindful about the billing page. Be sure what payment processor you are on before you fill out the forms on it. So you know where to go later if you want to cancel your membership. There are numerous payment processor used by these sites. They are and for Sweetdiscreet, iHookup, Blacktryst and

But what are these payment processors?

A payment processor is a service that enables Merchants to receive debit or Credit Card payments online by providing a connection to an Acquiring Bank. These processors perform many functions such as evaluating whether transactions are valid and approved. If the customer has sufficient funds, the transaction is authorized,  the funds transfer from the customer’s account, and the website is notified.

So to avoid being billed for extra charges, you must not include special offers or another subscription to another site. How to do this? It’s simple. Just uncheck the small box below the forms on the billing page before you pay or complete your purchase or your transaction. See the pics below:



Those encircled portions shown in the pics are the special offers or subscriptions to another sites. To avoid these, be sure to uncheck the small box so you would be sure not to pay for another subscription and won’t get extra charges.

Hope this post helps you in some ways. For more questions, just leave your comments below.


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