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Paid Vs Free Dating Sites

Why should you join a premium adult dating site instead of a free dating site?

There are 2 main reasons why would you choose a premium dating site from free sites. The number one reason you should consider is for your own security.  Second is the quality of service.

On premium sites you will most likely find genuine and serious members. They invest money on it and they are likely to be more serious about finding someone for a date. Although there still will be some fake profiles, which mostly are scammers, players and time wasters (both men and women). But they cannot stay much longer on this site. They easily get banned or deleted if they were reported or have done any suspicious activity on the site.

Some sites like use special built-in software like Scamalytics to analyze scammer behavior, IP addresses, profile photos, data and country. Sites like this shares their passion for defeating scammers. They keep their members safe and away from getting scammed and become a victim of frauds.

You may also find some virtual profiles on it (and it’s common these days. Just like virtual support and customer service), but they are just part of the site services and for illustration purposes only. So it can give you a view and a clue of what a good profile should be and the how good the quality of service.  You just have to weed out the real from virtual and from fakes.

Free sites are infested with fake and dead profiles. People on these sites will try to hide their true identity for some reasons. And it is mostly a scam asking for money. Both men and women are a victim of this as well. Especially like a romance scam or whatever scheme they may have that involves financial matter. Some people also join just out of curiosity and just for casual fun online. They will just create a profile, use it for a while and abandon it (it’s a dead profile). Also free sites can be filled with spam messages. Because they don’t have any limits. Anyone can send messages to everyone freely.

Regardless of which dating site you choose, there will be a success and failures. You may be able to find a date, but others may not. It depends on how serious you are about finding someone online. You just have to be aware that no matter what site you will join there still will be different types of people on it and different reasons why they have joined. And also there will be different site’s features and services. Sometimes you will notice that some site’s features differ from men to women. For example, women are given with a free gold membership while men have to pay for it. But not all sites have this feature. Some sites also want women to pay for a membership.  Also, some sites let you send a reply to premium members while other sites don’t. But you don’t have to depend on these because sometimes it doesn’t work. It’s the real and genuine member counts. And it just takes time and a lot of patience to find them.

People can easily join and create a profile on any dating sites. Even if it is free or it is a paid site. Your success is truly depends on you. You just have to be smart and follow your instinct! And be cautious as well.


How Not To Get Ripped Off Or Scammed And Get Good Results On Dating Sites?

We are now at the age when dating sites are on their milestone of helping people find someone online and yet there are still some people who have had some bad experiences on dating sites. Most of them have been scammed or being ripped off.  So here are some guides to avoid this.

You should know how the site works. Look for sites which give a free trial. So you can explore it for a week or two before purchasing any memberships. Some sites occasionally offer a discount so it would be a good advantage. So keep an eye on it. When buying a membership be sure to read carefully the billing page. Sometimes, dating sites offers extra memberships to their other sites. And most people don’t notice it. So if you don’t want to get charged some extra penny then you should be sure to look at the bonus box. You can always find it near the terms and conditions below. Be sure not to include it before hitting the purchase button.

Also, be sure to check the site’s company and google it if they have a good reputation. You can always find it below the site. Just scroll down at the bottom and you can find the “About Us” section or “Contacts”. If you cannot find it, just google the site’s name itself. And always read the “FAQ” section or the terms and conditions first before joining or purchasing any memberships.

When contacted by other members, be aware and vigilant. If someone asked you to go to other sites or any kind of situation where they want you to pay just to watch their cam or before they will meet you. That’s a red flag! Immediately report that profile and block it so they won’t be able to get another victim. Just use free messengers or email to communicate off the site where you met them. Phone numbers is not really necessary.

Then build some connections. Some sites will offer you that you can get laid within some period of time. Don’t believe it. Meeting someone online is not an easy process and it takes quite some time. It needs a lot of effort and patience from your part or the other party and a good communication between you and other members. You must build a relationship first. Doesn’t mean you have to commit. Friendship would be a good start. It builds trust and credibility so you can be open with each other well.

Joining dating sites don’t mean you can meet someone right away in person the day you have joined. It takes several weeks or even months. You just have to be real and genuine. Be polite and friendly and be open to all members. Don’t be rude and snobbish. And you should show some respect to others and don’t be desperate. Just take it easy and be aware of those members who will try to take advantage of you. You know who they are.

But if it’s almost or over a year and you still haven’t met anyone then I think you should find another dating site. There might be a good one for you. You can start here!

P.S. If I missed something you can comment it below.