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How Not To Get Ripped Off Or Scammed And Get Good Results On Dating Sites?

We are now at the age when dating sites are on their milestone of helping people find someone online and yet there are still some people who have had some bad experiences on dating sites. Most of them have been scammed or being ripped off.  So here are some guides to avoid this.

You should know how the site works. Look for sites which give a free trial. So you can explore it for a week or two before purchasing any memberships. Some sites occasionally offer a discount so it would be a good advantage. So keep an eye on it. When buying a membership be sure to read carefully the billing page. Sometimes, dating sites offers extra memberships to their other sites. And most people don’t notice it. So if you don’t want to get charged some extra penny then you should be sure to look at the bonus box. You can always find it near the terms and conditions below. Be sure not to include it before hitting the purchase button.

Also, be sure to check the site’s company and google it if they have a good reputation. You can always find it below the site. Just scroll down at the bottom and you can find the “About Us” section or “Contacts”. If you cannot find it, just google the site’s name itself. And always read the “FAQ” section or the terms and conditions first before joining or purchasing any memberships.

When contacted by other members, be aware and vigilant. If someone asked you to go to other sites or any kind of situation where they want you to pay just to watch their cam or before they will meet you. That’s a red flag! Immediately report that profile and block it so they won’t be able to get another victim. Just use free messengers or email to communicate off the site where you met them. Phone numbers is not really necessary.

Then build some connections. Some sites will offer you that you can get laid within some period of time. Don’t believe it. Meeting someone online is not an easy process and it takes quite some time. It needs a lot of effort and patience from your part or the other party and a good communication between you and other members. You must build a relationship first. Doesn’t mean you have to commit. Friendship would be a good start. It builds trust and credibility so you can be open with each other well.

Joining dating sites don’t mean you can meet someone right away in person the day you have joined. It takes several weeks or even months. You just have to be real and genuine. Be polite and friendly and be open to all members. Don’t be rude and snobbish. And you should show some respect to others and don’t be desperate. Just take it easy and be aware of those members who will try to take advantage of you. You know who they are.

But if it’s almost or over a year and you still haven’t met anyone then I think you should find another dating site. There might be a good one for you. You can start here!

P.S. If I missed something you can comment it below.


What Are The Best Adult Dating Sites?

Adult dating sites are one form of entertainment online.

Except from online games and video games, watching videos on YouTube or movies, browsing and searching, chatting to friends, posting pictures and videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and of course, watching porn which most men does, adult dating sites also offers some forms of entertainment. Especially when it comes to sexual and explicit content. It also helps you meet and connect with new open minded people at your comfort zone without the fear of being rejected. Although I don’t consider any best adult dating sites, but if you can enjoy its features and can satisfy all your needs and can give you a good quality of entertainment then it is worth it. It is good enough if it gives a high value for your money spent to it’s membership plans and its services.

But seems almost every adult dating site claims to be the best and number 1 and the most top adult dating sites in the world. Perhaps, there’s no really such thing as the best adult dating site. Almost each of them has their own fluctuation. I have visited a number of review sites for adult dating sites and they seem to give almost the same identical assessment. From positive to negative reviews, ratings, number of users, sites features to pricing and security. And they all don’t guarantee if you could find someone to hook up with or even just meet someone in person. All you can do is chat and watch webcams, photos and videos.

Well, probably It’s because most women on these kind of sites just want to chat and connect online. Looking for the right person whom they can relate and have that special connection with a stranger before she lets you get in her pants. Although it depends on your geographical location. Some states or country have less women on these kind of sites and not all women are near you, or comes from your area. Some of them are from the other states or from another country. So you don’t really have to expect to hook up with someone if you live on a remote island. You’ll be more successful if you live in the city and unless, the site you have joined is popular on that certain location. I am sure you will find more women on it and you will have a huge chance of hooking up and meeting with someone.

So the best way for you to know is to experience it yourself so you can really tell if it’s the best adult dating site for you or not. You can just sign up for a free account and take a look around before you decide if it is worth joining and buying a membership.

But here are some things you should consider finding the best adult dating sites. One is, if there are a lot of active members on it where you can connect and make new friends, (although sometimes, even if there seem to be a lot of active members on it, no one would still even talk to you. The trick here is “upload a photo”. It’s always good to see a face to someone who you are talking to. The second is the easier to reach and fast response time of customer support or service. Because once you have some trouble with your profile or account, the first thing you have to do is to contact customer support for assistance. Especially if you need some help with your billing subscription.

So if you know some adult dating sites that you think are the best then you can comment it below. and I would certainly like to give it a try myself.

Are Adult Dating Sites Legit And Safe?

Most of you might have these questions and doubts on your minds. Are these sites legit and safe? Are there any real members and users on it?

From my experience, I could say YES, I’ve been a member of these sites for about 8 years now (that’s almost a decade) and I’ve been active since then. But not really active that I log on it almost every day.. I just log on it once in a while or from time to time when I have some extra time to spend for my pleasures.

That time I was also anxious about joining these sites. I also have the same doubts and questions that you might have right now. But I said to myself, you wouldn’t know until you give it a try. Besides, it is free to register. So I filled out the forms and signed up for a free account and set up my profile. After verifying my email, I already received messages and friend requests from women, but it seems, some of these women are not for real.

These are computer generated profile and you can find them on,, and And they are called ‘Sweethaarts’ and labeled with SH with a heart icon on top of it. The ‘Sweethaarts’ service is incorporated to encourage and facilitate broader enjoyment of all the Website’s services, including the following:

a. Enhance the online companionship and entertainment experience
b. Demonstrate to users the features and communication tools of the site
c. Encourage broader participation in our services
d. Educate members regarding the site’s various features and communication tools
e. Ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions
f. Facilitate account development

And no physical meeting will ever take place between you and any Sweethaart, and that the exchange of messages between you and a Sweethaart is for entertainment purposes.

But don’t worry, these Sweethaarts are harmless and they just exist on the site for entertainment purposes only. There are still real people on it. You just have to find them. And the first thing you should do is take a look at their status. You can easily tell if the profile is real or not by reading their status. You’ll notice that they are updated regularly and they have no signs like of SH or Sweethaarts. These are real profiles created by real users.. Just be aware of fakes, cam girls and scammers. You can easily identify them if they ask you to join another website or ask for money from you before meeting or any other activities. Read more about them on here!

And if you ask me if this site is safe? The answer is still yes. These sites use https:// for encryption. But you might ask what does it mean? Well, for IT experts it is called Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. Its a secured version of HTTP. And it’s a network protocol which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. You’ll see this at the start of your website address and you can see a display of a padlock icon in the address bar to visually indicate that an HTTPS connection is in effect. For more safety tips online. You can read more about here!

These are a totally legit and secured sites. It is just the users who are trying to abuse the site services and they do not pre screen every individual who joins the sites. So to help these sites to become clean and safe from these abusers, we just have to be aware and report immediately if you have been contacted by them. Block and Ignore these profiles or report them immediately so they will be deleted and so you can help these adult dating communities become a safe place for all its users..

For comments and feedbacks just leave a reply below.

iHookup For Physical Attraction

iHookup is an online dating site that caters to flexible, fun and adventurous people chasing the thrill of physical attraction.

This site is the brainchild of a handful of forward-thinking women who realized that women like hooking up as much as men do… and there are plenty of other women out there who aren’t ashamed to admit it! We say if it feels good, do it!

We’ve got nothing against relationships. We tried it, had some laughs, shed some tears, and now we’re ready to move on and sow our online oats. iHookup is all about rubbing your single life in the face of traditional dating sites. So what if you just got out of a relationship and are looking to engage in some no-strings-attached study sessions or you’re just passing some time before you meet someone to tie your wagon to. We’re not your mom and we’ll never ask you when you’re going to find a nice boy or girl to settle down with. We’re also not that annoying relative at your cousin William’s wedding (yeah, we give that marriage 2 years, tops) that asks you if you’re going to be next one down the aisle.

We started iHookup because we felt that traditional dating sites were ignoring the fact that physical attraction is the most important element of dating. You want to hear their voice, watch their body language and see what they look like in real life before you decide to play the whole dating game with them. You know the one – you spend countless hours sending messages back and forth, maybe you’re lucky enough to move to the phone, and in a couple of weeks, you might nail down a coffee date…only to find out there’s no physical attraction. Back to the drawing board…

On iHookup, you cut out the middle man (the middle man being the pointless and painful dating game). Right away, you can see if you and your hookup de jour share that intoxicating chemistry. No more wasted time equals more energy spent on people you actually have fun with… and trust us when we say that you’re going to need all the energy you can get.

No need to thank us – that’s just how we roll.


Hookup: So many definitions, so little time. It can mean an alliance, an arrangement of mechanical parts or when someone can get you a deal on those sweet speakers you’ve had your eye on. Those definitions are pretty boring. Others see a hookup as when two people meet to hang out, make out or do the dirty (or any variation of the three). Yep, that’s the one we’re going with. It can mean a casual relationship that takes place over time or it can be a one night stand. Hookups can start casual and turn into something more serious, or they are agreed upon as a “friends with benefits” arrangement. No matter which one you go with, the hookup is a casual creature that works best when the two people involved keep it easy and breezy.

Physical Attraction: A spark between two people that puts butterflies in your stomach and an ache in your loins. You can’t explain it and you don’t have to. It’s all about attraction and the intense rush that comes when you physically connect with another person. You just want to rip off your clothes (and the clothes of the person you’re with) and just get down to business. Physical attraction burns hot and fast. It doesn’t last forever and that’s perfect – you don’t need it to.

“Un”-relationship: The committed relationship’s evil twin brother. When you’re in the un-relationship zone, you don’t want to be committed to another person. The only thing you want to be committed to is having a kick-ass great time. Fun, adventurous and flexible – that describes a person who’s ready to try out an un-relationship.

Two Night Stand: When you want to go back for more after the first hookup, but have no intention of meeting up again after the second time. Because everyone knows, after you hookup three times, you’re on your way to a relationship. This type of hookup means you like what you tasted the first time around, but after taking that second bite, you realize you’re tired of eating that particular dish and want to move on to the next entree.

Friends with Benefits: Screw BFFs – it’s time to make some FWBs. You like this person enough to hang out with them, but there’s no kind of commitment in the cards. There’s no hand holding or PDAs when you hang out – you like each other’s company, you get along and when the mood strikes you, you move it on into the bedroom. You don’t get your FWB a Valentine’s Day card, you buy them a beer and get it on.

Activity Partner: You need a +1 – you’ve got an extra concert ticket, need a tennis partner or someone on your arm for your cousin’s wedding. What you need is an activity partner – someone to hang out with platonically who also happens to share your interests. You find yourself needing an activity partner when your friends start getting married and aren’t available to drop what their doing to go to a kick-ass concert you just won tickets for.


We have nothing against relationships. We think they are great. But we understand that people go through different phases in their lives and a relationship might not be at the top of their “to do” list at the moment. You may have other important things on the go that make it impossible to fit a relationship into your life at the moment, or maybe you still have a bad taste in your mouth because of the way your last one ended. Whatever your reasons are, we get it – we’re cool like that.

When you talk about physical attraction, it’s all about the body. We here at iHookup dig getting naked, but we also know that people don’t want to see a stranger’s private parts when they log onto our site. That’s why you can post all the naked pictures you want in your private photo album. This way, you don’t have to share your naked form with the rest of the dating community and you can save a little mystery for when you really want to grab that certain someone’s attention.

Using hookup in a sentence

Dude, I met this girl online and hit it off. Next thing I know, I went to her place to hookup.

Hey, I’ve had a couple of drinks. Feel like a hookup?

I met this guy, but I wasn’t really interested in dating him, so we got together for a hookup.