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Just like all other adult dating sites, you just have to join in first before you can start your online dating at the comfort of your home. Less effort and less expenses. You just have to set up your profile and activate it from your email so it will be showing up to other members of the site. Complete your profile to let other members know more about you. When describing yourself, be positive, honest and descriptive. What you will say about yourself is just as important as how you say it. Even the smallest part of your profile could either attract others or put them off.

You should also edit your profile matches section so the site can automatically give you your preferred references. You can filter it by choosing what you are looking for (a man or a woman or couples, TV/CD, transgender, gender queer or couple gender queer), orientation (straight, bisexual, Bi-curious and gay), age and country. You cannot include the specific region and cities cause it’s only for gold members. So you just have to upgrade your account to have this feature. You can also upload photos or videos or record it now from your WebCam to attract more other members to your profile. You can post it publicly, privately or exclusively for members whom you have added to your favourites. Send cards and winks to any members to get more attention.

At the home page, you can do a quick search by filtering sexual orientations, country and regions. You cannot include the specific city because you have to upgrade your account before you can use this feature. Also, you can even just go to the browse section and browse to see new members, who is online, your matches, VIPs, your admirers, and people you have added to your favourites. And also you can view people who have visited your profile recently. And blocked members.


Quick Search – You can do a quick search at the homepage by screen name, sex and sexual orientation, age, country, region, city or postcode/zipcode. But you can only include a specific city or postcode when you have a gold membership. And to make it easy and simple, you can just edit your matches section by sex, sexual orientation, age, country, and if you are a gold member, you can include a specific region and city to get a precise matches in no time.. The site will provide you with the newest and online members that matches your criteria.

You can also go to the flirt tab where you can start flirting and view who flirted with you. You can also see the mutual to find out which of your flirts share your feelings. But this feature has limits if you are not a gold member. Limited to 10 flirts a day. So you just have to upgrade to have an unlimited flirting.

And on the chat tab, you can view the chat demo, your chat requests, chat history, online now and VIPs. If you wanted to chat, you can go to online now or VIPS and start chatting. But this feature cost so you have to upgrade to gold membership. It’s a cool and easy way to have an instant connection between you and other members. You can see who is on the site now, chat to them, talk to them through your microphone, or turn on your webcam and get even closer and see who is on the other side. It has also a unique feature “chat later” that allows you to store chat requests in your chat history if you want to concentrate just on browsing the site without being continuously interrupted. You can always see how many people are waiting to chat with you on the main top menu Chat bar.

There’s also a photofilter feature where you can hide sexy or xxx pictures while you are browsing the site.. you just have to set your photo filter settings by normal, sexy+normal or to xxx+sexy+normal setting.


It has two types of membership – Free Trial and Gold. Gold members can subscribe to VIP.

Trial members can:

  • create and update their own profiles
  • add or remove pictures and videos to/from their profiles
  • browse the website
  • view other members’ default pictures
  • send and respond to chat requests from VIP users
  • send and receive winks
  • add members to Friends and Blocked
  • update profile settings
  • receive latest matches to the external mailbox

Gold members can:

  • have all the features that Trial members have
  • send and reply to an unlimited number of emails and winks
  • view other members’ galleries
  • use text, voice and video chat without restrictions
  • become a VIP

VIP members can do everything a Gold member can do plus:

  • get that special touch to be different and stand out from the crowd
  • get highlighted in all of the other members’ search results and galleries
  • be featured on other members’ home pages
  • get highlighted in members’ mailboxes
  • can communicate with both Gold and Trial members
  • have priority listing on the website
  • get listed in dedicated Featured profiles galleries

Gold membership varies from 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. This month you can get Get 30% Discount on Gold membership! 1 month cost $19.95. $17.95 per month for 3 months membership which is totaled to $53.85. You can have a less of 30%. For 6 months, it will cost you $13.95 every month which is sum up to $83.70. 30% less. And to add VIP membership, you have to pay $14.90 per month. Keep an eye on the site’s news and special offers that are sent to your mail box or announced on the website to get a Free or Discounted Gold or VIP memberships.














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